Meet Robert

How to Harness Your Skillset to Change Your Life–Like Me!

My Skillset is . . . Diverse!

Hard to Believe You Can Have Fun on a Cruise After the Airline Loses Your Luggage!

Professional copywriter, author, retail manager, former butcher. These are the things I do, but there’s more to all of us than that. I am also an avid reader, a sci-fi nerd (and die-hard Star Wars fan), a coffee addict, a travel nut, an amateur photographer, burgeoning pencil artist, food enthusiast, cruise ship fanatic–and the list goes on.

Why I’m Here

I created this Internet portal to broadcast advice I’ve picked up through trial and error (and a great deal of self-driven learning) over the last 20 years or so on how to grow yourself personally and professionally. These tips and tactics really work–I went from hourly stock clerk at a tiny convenience store to management level at an international supermarket chain multiplying my income with each promotion (and nearly doubling it in just the last five years).

From Shy Wallflower to Professional Success in Five Years!

Because I struggled so much in the past as a painfully shy introvert, my life wasn’t as I’d wanted it to be. I had trouble talking to people, couldn’t advocate for myself, was super frustrated about my menial job and mediocre wages.

However, five years or so ago I made a decision to actively change myself, how I interact with the world, and create a much wealthier life for me and those around me. In that time, I’ve rocketed up the management ladder within the company I work for, continued to grow my “side hustle” to self-sustaining levels, and have learned to be much more comfortable in crowds, with strangers, and even build relationships when “punching above my weight” with Big Dog supervisors, Regional Managers, and Vice Presidents.

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